The Company

Our company has been working with water for more than 30 years. A highly qualified team of project managers, design draftsmen and administrative staff ensure the high quality of our projects and excellent consultancy services based on our motto:

“Water for Generations”

Traditionally, our focus has always been on water supply and the associated hydrogeological issues. However, this core competence has been complemented over the years by other areas in which we have developed our expertise. These include, in particular, wastewater disposal, surface drainage, flood protection and the fire water supply of road and railway tunnels.

We are continually expanding our field of activity. In recent years, we were able to reinforce our team and our knowledge, acquiring Austrian companies, complementary to our core business, which specializes in the waste-water purification sector.

Our compact corporate structure enables us to develop customized solutions in a flexible and cost-effective manner.

Numerous local communities, water associations, utilities public corporations and private companies have come to appreciate the expertise of Mach & Partner’s team, whose advice is also sought in the preparation of water management studies and whose input is appreciated by the scientific and research community. As such, a wide interdisciplinary cooperation with renowned experts is available to you. To find out more use our questions, to obtain a rapid answer to your question.

Management Certificate 2016


Sustainability Report 2015